Our Full Service Suite


Successful Marketing Is Never Accidental

At Crossbridge Marketing, we understand the importance of creating and executing a well thought out strategy for your marketing efforts. Which is why we offer marketing strategy services to assist businesses across a variety of industries to help with the mapping and execution of marketing strategies.

Our team will analyze your business’s existing marketing efforts, determine effectiveness, and suggest new strategies. We leverage our years of experience offering up-to-date expertise on the most effective marketing strategies, and help you create the content needed to execute these strategies from digital, to print, and everything in between.

If you are looking to increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your advertising and marketing efforts, Crossbridge Marketing can help. Our free consultation will provide valuable insights and help shape a strategy that will help your business grow and increase its market share. Great marketing is a journey, and it’s vital to partner with a team that will ensure you get there.



Top Quality Printed Materials

High Quality Print Services

Despite the growth of the digital world in today’s business landscape, print is one of the oldest and most reliable forms of communicating your brand, message, story, and advertising, and it isn’t going anywhere in our lifetime. We partner with world class companies who have the experience, dedication to customer service, and knowledge to create high quality print items that are second to none.

Through our strategic partnership with Orrville Printing, a company that has been in business for over four decades, Crossbridge Marketing is able to deliver top quality print services to our clients. This includes brochures, billboards, mailers, and much more. Our team delivers on time print services on any budget. Let us help you tell your story in print!


Stunning Eye-Catching Creations

Our team of graphic designers include nationally awarded artists who are dedicated to bringing your dreams to life. We begin each project with a detailed consultation on the goals for the project, who the design is intended to reach, and the message that needs conveyed.

From there, our team gets to work creating breathtaking graphic designs for you to review. We know how critical communication is when it comes to capturing and creating graphic designs for print, advertising, or websites. Our team is laser-focused on customer service and the success of the projects we complete for our clients. When done right, graphic design leaves a lasting impression on your potential customers; drawing them in and telling them your story.



Tell Your Company's Story

Photography - great photography is a form of art and an expression of creativity. It requires a creative mind—and imagination. A good photographer can look at something ordinary, and envision a thousand ways to interpret what they are seeing and turn those interpretations into beautiful, impactful, and extraordinary works of art.

Passion sets a good photographer apart from the rest. We believe the passion of our photographers shines through in each photo shoot we complete for our clients. Attention to detail, composition, patience, flexibility, and cutting edge equipment empower us to capture the moment and harness it to enhance your marketing and advertising efforts.

Videography - video is one of the most powerful mediums companies can leverage in their marketing efforts. When done right, it creates a powerful connection with your audience and adds a level of depth to your story that is almost impossible to duplicate in any other form of marketing or advertising.

From storyboarding, filming, shoot locations, drone footage, camera equipment, and editing, the team at Crossbridge Marketing is ready to help you harness the power of video to grow your business. Once your company’s video is ready to go, we’ll also help you with the placement and promotion, maximizing your return on investment.


Dominate Online

Make It Easy To Find Your Business Online

We can put you in hundreds of places including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, GPS Devices, Facebook Places, the online Yellow Pages and many more! Call us today to learn more about how you can dominate online!

Our services enable you to increase your organic rankings in search engines and in the top local business directories across the web. At Crossbridge Marketing, we care enough to hand submit your business information to local business directories - no shortcuts, no tricks, no schemes.



Fully Responsive Designs

With AdFire, you can leverage the power of Google, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google’s Affiliate network of websites to reach potentials customers within your service area.

Creative Content - We create engaging digital ads from your photos and pair them with a variety of engaging 30 character headlines and 90 character descriptions that are sure to get your customer’s attention.

Hyper-Targeting - Why waste ad dollars on anyone other than your ideal customer? We can create targeted audiences based on their physical location, the websites they visit, their interests, income levels, etc.

Drive Growth - We empower you can deliver the right message to the right potential customers, creating greater awareness, driving website traffic, and increasing your chances of turning clicks into customers.

Incredible Reach - Based on the package you select, your responsive digital ad is guaranteed to get 100,000 impressions all within the targeted audience we create. That’s only about a penny an impression!

Create Awareness - Along with your website, we leverage all the popular social networking platforms, which will increase your brand awareness, and educate potential customers on the unique services you offer.

Effective Advertising - Since you are able to create and display specific ads to very specific audiences, you dramatically increase the effectiveness of your marketing dollars.


Custom Content Creation

Creating content that engages your customers in meaningful conversation about the advantages of your business’ products and services can be frustrating. Our team of Content Creation Specialists are ready to help you put your business into words. Amazing websites start with great content.

Fully Responsive Designs

It is estimated that nearly 60% of all online traffic is now coming from mobile devices. That means that your website needs to retain it’s beautiful design, eye-catching content, and function on mobile devices and on desktops. All of our website designs are built for lossless scaling across all device sizes including tablets and mobile phones.

Built With SEO In Mind

A beautiful website with engaging content are completely useless if you can’t attract the right visitors to your site. Which is why we build our custom websites with organic SEO in mind. Our keyword rich content, fully responsive designs, and security measures all help drive relevant traffic to your website.

User Access & Easy to Use

You can easily access the back-end of your website, make basic changes, and view the stats on your website. Our team is available to help with any changes you’d like made to your site, we also empower you to make many of those changes yourself via our user-friendly interface. You don’t have to be a web developer, to take control of your website.